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When your beloved cat needs surgery, you want to make absolutely sure you've chosen the most qualified cat vet center to fulfill that need -- which means you need to choose Cat Care Hospital. Our cat only veterinarian in Marietta GA, Dr. Debra Rowell, has focused exclusively on understanding feline anatomy and health conditions, providing our clinic with a more extensive and comprehensive knowledge of cat surgery than you could hope to find at a general veterinary practice.

A Variety of Surgeries for Cats in Marietta

Cats experience numerous health and wellness challenges throughout their lives. That's why Cat Care Hospital offers a wide range of surgeries for cats in Marietta, including:

Cat Spay and Neuter Surgery

When you spay or neuter your cat, you're eliminating the risk of uterine, ovarian or testicular cancer (and slashing the risks of several other serious ailments) even as you remove the chances of conception/pregnancy. Your cat will also avoid the compulsion to mark territory, go roaming for mates or display heat-related aggression.

Orthopedic Cat Surgery

If your cat is limping from an injury or degenerative pain condition, we can help. Our cat vet can provide orthopedic surgeries to repair knee function, modify a hip damaged by dysplasia (a potential problem in certain cat breeds such as Maine Coons) and fix complex fractures. Joint fusion and other surgical techniques can also relieve back or neck pain caused by disc problems or osteoarthritis.

Cat Dental Surgery

Oral cancer can occur in pets just as it can in humans -- and once it is detected, it needs to be treated right away. Our cat veterinarian in Marietta can perform surgery to remove the tumor and recommended other treatment methods as needed. We can also extract teeth troubled by painful infections or diseases, including the tooth resorption experienced by many older cats.

External Cat Surgery

Skin tumor removal is a fairly common type of cat surgery in Marietta; the tumors are then analyzed to see whether further surgery is advisable to remove malignant cells. Can also perform surgery to seal laceration sand repair injuries to the eyes, ears and tail.

Emergency Cat Surgery

Emergency cat surgery in Marietta can literally save your cat's life when disaster strikes. Our cat vet can stop your cat's bleeding, treat poison or foreign object ingestion, respond to severe allergic reactions, deal with heat stroke, repair traumatic injuries and administer emergency C sections to protect an at-risk litter as well as the mother.

Schedule Cat Surgery in Marietta Today

Relying on Cat Care Hospital for cat surgery in Marietta will help both you and your kitty feel better. Our cat vet will explain every aspect of your pet's condition, from pre-operative and post-operative procedures to the surgery itself. Whether you simply need to spay or neuter your cat or you need to arrange advanced orthopedic surgery, call (770) 424-6369 today to schedule an evaluation or surgical procedure with our cat veterinarian in Marietta!


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