Cat Diagnostics

Cat Diagnostic Testing Offered at Cat Care Hospital, Inc.

Finding the underlying cause of your cat’s health issues is vital for ensuring it receives the best care possible. Cat diagnostics, such as imaging tests, provide an accurate way to diagnose your cat’s injuries and illnesses and allow prompt treatment by your veterinarian near you. Cat Care Hospital, Inc. in Marietta, GA, provides these services for cats to keep them healthy and happy. Continue reading to learn more about the diagnostic testing we offer.

Cat Diagnostic

Allergy Testing

Your cat can be allergic to food, fleas, pollen, dust, and other allergens. Figuring out your cat’s triggers is crucial for allergy management. Allergy testing allows our veterinarian to determine your cat’s triggers and provide treatment as needed. Our veterinarian can perform bloodwork and skin tests to determine the allergen affecting your cat. When we know what your cat is allergic to, we can discuss ways to manage this condition.

Cat X-Rays

X-rays are imaging tests that allow your veterinarian near you to see inside your cat. These tests can diagnose health problems or get more information about a foreign object your cat swallowed. For example, enlarged internal organs may indicate an underlying disease. A cat X-ray for foreign objects also allows us to see where the object is and how large it is. We might also take X-rays for fractures or other injuries.

Cat Ultrasounds

Your veterinarian can use ultrasounds alongside X-rays to diagnose your cat’s illness or injury. These imaging tests allow us to see inside your cat’s organs and detect signs of disease. Ultrasounds are non-invasive and provide vital information about your cat’s internal organs and surrounding structures.

Other Diagnostic Tests

Your veterinarian near you may require more detailed information to diagnose your cat’s condition. They may use an MRI or CT scan to produce images of your cat’s injury or disease. These can help your veterinarian determine your cat’s health problem and provide the best treatment possible.

After Your Cat’s Diagnosis

Once our vet makes a diagnosis, we can get started on addressing your cat’s health issue. Our animal hospital can treat your cat’s injuries, dental problems, or other issues that require surgery. Your vet will discuss which treatment suits your cat’s needs and answer your questions or concerns.

Keep Your Cat Healthy and Happy by Visiting Cat Care Hospital, Inc.

Our diagnostic testing can determine the root cause of your cat’s injury or illness and ensure it gets the best treatment possible, so contact Cat Care Hospital, Inc. in Marietta, GA, to protect your cat’s health and happiness. We can help your cat live a long, healthy life with our high-quality care, so call us and schedule an appointment today at (770) 424-6369.


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