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When you bring a cat into your home, he or she may need treatment and care. In some cases, a young kitten or an adult cat may need spaying or neutering as part of a treatment plan. At the Cat Care Hospital, we recognize that your cat may need surgery and we offer spaying and neutering to help keep your cat healthy.

Why Spay Your Cat in Marietta?

The reasons you want to spay your cat in Marietta depend on the risks you want to limit. Spaying a female cat reduces the risk of uterine infections and breast tumors as your cat ages. It also prevents your cat from getting pregnant or going through heat, which may cause complicated behavioral concerns. A cat veterinarian in Marietta provides the surgical procedure as part of a kitten's preventative care or to keep your adult cat healthy.

Why Neuter Your Cat?

You want to neuter your cat to help keep a male cat healthy. By neutering a cat, you reduce the risk of certain cancers and you lower the complexity of certain unwanted behaviors. Neutered male cats are less likely to mark territory in your house. You may also notice less aggressive behaviors from a male cat when he is neutered. 

When to Spay or Neuter a Cat

A cat vet may recommend spaying or neutering a cat at different ages based on your pet's health. As a general rule, you can spay or neuter a cat as young as eight weeks old. Cat surgery in Marietta depends on the health of your cat, so we may recommend waiting if a pet has health concerns that may contribute to certain risks during the procedure. We may recommend cat spay and neuter in Marietta at a young age to limit complicated health concerns or behavioral challenges. Ultimately, the timing depends on your preferences and the needs of your pet.

When to Talk to a Cat Only Veterinarian in Marietta

A cat only veterinarian in Marietta offers a key benefit when you want to spay or neuter a pet. Since a cat vet specializes in caring for a kitten or cat, you can feel confident in the procedure and the experience of a veterinarian.

You want to talk to a professional about cat surgery in Marietta when you have concerns about the procedure or plan to have the procedure on your cat. Always discuss possible risks and appropriate care for the cat after surgery to limit complications. We will help you understand the risks and the possible complications that may occur after your bring a cat home. We may suggest waiting if your cat shows signs of certain health concerns.

Spaying or neutering your cat helps reduce risks to his or her health at different stages of life. A cat veterinarian in Marietta provides the care a cat needs to limit risks and ensure that your pet ages gracefully. For more details about our treatments and surgery, call (770) 424-6369 today.


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