Feline Services

Our Cat Care Hospital in Marietta, GA, knows how to keep your feline feeling frisky when you make an appointment to tap into the services we have at our full-service facility. Whether your pet is young or not, our veterinarian and hands-on team have the perfect plan of action to keep kittens and cats up-to-date with exams and vaccinations. 

cat services

Our Cat Care Facility

Our hospital focuses on compassionate care to ensure your pets receive quality healthcare from our team throughout their lifetime. From kittens to senior felines, we offer specialized care for their comfort and well-being through various services.

Our veterinarian and team of technicians provide the expert medical care and attention every pet deserves. With yearly examinations in our hospital, including full check-ups and vaccinations, we can help prevent dangerous diseases and treat injuries and medical conditions.

Cat Grooming and Board

When pet parents are away, cats will play in our condo-style cat boarding facility. Cats like to look good, and at the Cat Care Hospital, we help keep them looking their best with an onsite groomer experienced in providing grooming and bathing techniques for all breeds of cats.

Critical Cat Care and Diagnostics

Unforeseen situations arise that create an emergency that requires critical cat care. Our team is prepared to provide your pet's immediate attention when faced with a crisis.

With the help of state-of-the-art diagnostic tools, technology, and equipment, we can determine what is causing your pet discomfort. We do this using the latest information and developments regarding cat care in veterinary medicine.

Our hospital is equipped to do digital X-rays and ultrasounds, and our lab handles the analysis of urine and blood samples onsite, so there is no ample wait time for results.

Cat Surgery and Euthanasia

When the end-of-life is imminent, our staff takes care of this final step for a beloved pet with compassion, dignity, and respect.

When cat surgery is necessary, our hospital maintains a full-service surgical center where our veterinarian performs simple to complex surgeries. Throughout the surgical procedure, your cat will be under anesthesia. In addition, a technician will continuously monitor the cat's heart rate, oxygen, and temperature throughout the surgical procedure.

Call Our Cat Care Hospital

If you're looking for specialized cat care, you can easily schedule an appointment by phone or online with Cat Care Hospital in Marietta, GA. Located 30 minutes from Atlanta, we are available for top-quality maintenance and service to Marietta and the surrounding areas. Contact us at (770) 424-6369 for any questions about how we can support your cat's health.


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  • "The staff was very friendly and caring. My cats were at ease and I felt that the entire staff truly took their time with us and our furry babies and their needs."
    Sara P, Smyrna