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When a veterinarian specializes in treating just cats, you know your pet will get the best, most focused and experienced cat care services available. Here in Marietta, the Cat Care Hospital offers these services and more.

Cat Diagnostics

Animals can’t tell us what’s wrong or what hurts, and what’s worse, cats hide when they are sick or injured. Enter our state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment. Our extensive track record of positive diagnoses stems from years of experience in treating cats with knowledge of the very latest developments in veterinary medicine. In addition to our competent veterinarian and staff, our hospital is equipped with an onsite lab for blood and urine sample analysis, digital x-ray equipment, ultrasound, and more.

Cat Medical Veterinarian

Our core philosophy and approach to veterinary medicine is prevention. By seeing your pet on a yearly basis, we can identify changes in your cat’s health. But more important, we can completely prevent many dangerous diseases with regular vaccinations. In addition, our veterinarian provides expert medical care for illnesses and injuries.

Cat Surgery

We are a full-service surgical center and perform everything from spay and neuter to dental to very complex surgeries. All surgeries are performed under anesthesia. We know that many cat owners are concerned about anesthesia, but be comforted in knowing that we use proven, human-quality anesthetizing products, and we monitor your cat’s oxygen saturation, heart rate and temperature throughout the entire procedure. After surgery, your pet will recover in a quiet, calm area under the watchful eye of one of our veterinary technicians.

Cat Grooming

If you have a long-haired cat, you know how much grooming is required to keep his or her coat clean, combed, and mat-free. And for all cat breeds, bath time at home is no fun! Just like everyone in our practice, our groomer has extensive experience in grooming and bathing cats of all breeds.

Cat Boarding

Not much is worse for a cat than to be away from home in an unfamiliar place not designed for felines with barking dogs and other frightening noises. Our boarding facility was designed for cats and caters just to cats, no dogs allowed! In our condo-style design, our staff knows how to handle cats and make them feel loved and comfortable, so when you have to leave, your cat will be treated as only a cat-lover knows how.

Critical Cat Care

When emergency strikes, we have the expertise to give your cat superlative and compassionate critical care. Examples of such urgent care include blocked urethras, being hit by a car, or ingesting poison. It’s best to give us a call right as you’re leaving so we can be prepared to meet you at the door, but if not, don’t hesitate to come right in with your cat.

The bottom line is this: there is no better option for your cat’s optimum health care than with our veterinarian here in Marietta. Call us to make an appointment to see for yourself!


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  • "The staff was very friendly and caring. My cats were at ease and I felt that the entire staff truly took their time with us and our furry babies and their needs."
    Sara P, Smyrna