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Did you know that your cat vet in Marietta provides complete pet dental care, including cat teeth cleanings? We emphasize this, because good dental health is a foundation for excellent overall health for your cat. Tooth and gum problems can make it difficult for your cat to chew and get proper nutrition, cause your cat pain and lower his or her quality of life. Gum disease can also spread bacteria to the blood stream and into the vital organs, causing systemic health problems, which could shorten your cat's life. Here's what you need to know about Marietta cat dental care.

When should I start seeing the cat vet in Marietta for dental exams?

Start before your cat reaches age 2, since most cats have gum disease by age 3. If you're bringing your kitten in for preventative health care, such as vaccinations, spaying, etc., ask your vet for a dental exam (and teeth cleaning if necessary). If you have an older cat who has missed out on early dental care, it's not too late to begin. 

How often is cat dental cleaning necessary?

A semi-annual dental exam and annual cleaning from our Marietta cat veterinarian is typically adequate. However, if your pet needs more frequent dental care, your cat veterinarian in Marietta GA will let you know. 

Why is anesthesia needed for cat teeth cleaning?

Cat teeth cleaning without anesthesia doesn't allow for effective Marietta cat dental care. Cats won't tolerate dental cleaning or related procedures and could actually be injured by dental instruments if not anesthetized by our Marietta cat veterinarian.

Is anesthesia for dental cleaning safe?

Anesthesia is safe when properly administered by our veterinarian. Prior to using anesthesia, our cat vet in Marietta will examine your cat and may do blood tests to ensure s/he can tolerate anesthesia. Your cat's vital signs are monitored throughout the time s/he is under anesthesia in order to ensure s/he is well and comfortable throughout the dental procedure. We administer intravenous fluids during the procedure, keep your pet warm, check pulse and blood pressure and ensure s/he is breathing well. 

My cat has bad breath, is this a sign of gum disease? What are other signs that cat dental care is needed?

It could be. Regular dental cleanings at your cat veterinarian in Marietta GA should improve your cat's breath. Besides bad breath, watch for these other signs that it's time to visit your cat dentist: 

  • Bleeding teeth or gums
  • Discolored teeth
  • Missing, cracked, chipped or loose teeth
  • Awful breath
  • Mouth pain
  • Inflammation of the mouth or face
  • Drooling
  • Cat avoids eating
  • Paws at the mouth
  • Chews only on one side

What do cat dental cleanings involve?

Your cat's mouth, gums and teeth are examined for decay, deep gum pockets, sores/ulcers, oral cancer, gingivitis, periodontal disease and more. Digital dental x-rays may be taken to view the teeth roots and problems that may be hidden below the gums. Pockets around the teeth are measured and notes are made on the dental chart. Your cat's teeth are professionally scaled above and below the gum line to remove tartar and plaque. Teeth are polished to discourage future plaque buildup. If tooth repair or extraction are necessary, these may often be done in the same visit.

Are cat teeth cleanings expensive?

Not when you consider the cost of skipping cat dental care in Marietta. Poor dental health, gum disease or infected teeth can spread bacteria to the kidneys, liver or heart. These chronic health problems can shorten your cat's life and/or require frequent vet visits, along with potentially costly medications or treatments. Neglecting pet dental care in Marietta may also cause your pet to endure unnecessary mouth pain and tooth loss.

If cat teeth cleanings haven't been on your radar, now is the time to begin essential preventative cat dental exams in Marietta. To learn more about cat dental care in Marietta GA, contact us at the Cat Care Hospital. Call 770-424-6369 today!


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