Cat Dental Care

Cat Dental Care with Our Veterinarian in Marietta

One of the best things you can do to protect your cat's health is to see our cat dentist for preventative dental care. Cat teeth cleaning is an important part of routine health care from your cat veterinarian in Marietta. If your pet cat needs emergency dental care or extractions, you can also rely upon our Marietta cat veterinarian.

Causes of Cat Dental Disease

Food causes bacterial plaque to accumulate in your cat’s mouth, which hardens (calcifies), becoming tartar, according to our cat veterinarian in Marietta. Gums become inflamed from bacteria trapped below the gum line causing periodontal disease. (Only cat dentistry from your cat vet in Marietta can clean below the gum line.) Problems like crooked teeth, diabetes or systemic illnesses, nutrition problems, and genetic makeup can make your cat more vulnerable to dental decay and gum disease. Marietta cat dental care is the best way to avoid symptoms of oral disease and cat tooth problems.

Symptoms of Cat Dental Problems from our Cat Veterinarian in Marietta 

Signs of feline dental problems include:

  • Bad breath
  • Favoring one side of mouth when chewing
  • Face, jaw or cheek swelling
  • Mouth pus or wounds 
  • Bleeding from mouth or nose 
  • Pawing the mouth
  • Grinding the teeth 
  • Stained teeth
  • There may be no noticeable symptoms of cat dental disease, reminds our Marietta cat vet

Schedule for Cat Teeth Cleaning and Dental Exams

Cat teeth cleaning and dental care should begin early in life, before age two. Dental exams and cleaning should be scheduled once or twice per year to prevent irreversible gum disease in your cat. Between cat dental visits, help keep your pet’s teeth healthy with daily tooth brushing. 

Cat Dental Checkups from our Marietta Cat Vet

Dental exams begin while your cat is awake, but anesthesia is typically needed to ensure a thorough exam. Your cat dentist looks for gaps between teeth and gums with a periodontal probe, making detailed notes on the dental chart. Dental x-rays are taken and preventative procedures like cat tooth cleaning, scaling and polishing are completed. Tooth extractions can also be done by your cat veterinarian in Marietta. 

Benefits of Dental Care from our Marietta Cat Veterinarian

Care from our cat dentist helps improve your pet's quality of life. Marietta cat dental care:

  • Allows your cat to get necessary nutrients by chewing food completely.
  • Ensures that eating is comfortable for your cat.
  • Improves cat breath.
  • Helps prevent feline periodontal disease. 
  • Avoids gum disease progressing to systemic health problems. 
  • Helps prevent feline tooth resorption (FTR), which looks like gum tissue growing onto the tooth, causing decay. 
  • Allows early detection of mouth cancer.
  • Helps prevent stomatitis (painful mouth inflammation and/or mouth ulcers).
  • Prevents fractured, missing or broken teeth and tooth extraction.

Get Cat Dental Care in Marietta

Visit our cat vet in Marietta for teeth cleaning and complete veterinary services for your feline friend. Make an appointment with our cat veterinarian in Marietta at Cat Care Hospital, Inc. We are cat specialists. Call (770) 424-6369 today.  


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