Cat Allergies

Understanding Cat Allergies and How We Treat Them

Is your cat itching constantly or coughing and wheezing? Your cat may be dealing with allergies. Cats can experience allergic reactions to several ingredients in food or cleaning products. Fortunately, your veterinarian at Cat Care Hospital in Marietta, GA, can test for your cat’s allergen and provide treatment to ease symptoms. Find out more about cat allergies and how we treat them below.

Cat Allergies

What Are Allergies in Cats?

Allergies in cats work similarly to how humans experience them. Your cat will have an immune system reaction when exposed to a specific allergen harmful to it. Depending on the allergen, your cat can experience skin, respiratory, or digestive symptoms. Some of the most frequent symptoms your cat can experience due to allergies include:

•             Rashes

•             Coughing or wheezing

•             Sneezing

•             Runny nose or eye discharge

•             Vomiting and diarrhea

Causes of Allergic Reactions

The most frequent causes of allergic reactions in cats stem from substances in their environment and food ingredients. Similarly to humans, cats can have pollen, dust, and mold allergies that cause skin or respiratory issues. Cat food allergies occur when one or more ingredients in your pet’s food lead to an upset stomach and other digestive problems.

Flea bites can also induce allergic reactions in cats. The saliva from a flea bite can lead to hair loss and intense itching near the tail base or back legs. Some cats can suffer allergic reactions by coming into contact with irritants, such as specific shampoos, flea collars, or types of bedding.

Treatment for Allergies in Cats

The first step in treating your cat’s allergies is to determine the cause of its symptoms. Your veterinarian can perform multiple tests, such as blood and skin tests, to isolate the allergen affecting your cat. A blood test checks your pet’s blood to determine the allergen, while skin tests inject different allergens just under your pet’s skin to check for a reaction.

Once your veterinarian isolates the allergen, you can take steps toward reducing your pet’s exposure to it and getting treatment to ease symptoms. These may include:

•             Medication to ease skin symptoms

•             Antihistamines for respiratory symptoms

•             Diet changes to relieve digestive symptoms

•             Allergy shots or injections

Protect Your Pet’s Health and Happiness With Allergy Testing at Cat Care Hospital

If your cat shows signs of allergies and needs testing and treatment to alleviate symptoms, consider contacting Cat Care Hospital in Marietta, GA. We can determine the allergen afflicting your cat and provide medication to ensure your pet remains happy and healthy. Call us and schedule an appointment at (770) 424-6369 to improve your cat’s health and comfort today.


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